NickerStickers, Inc Custom Animal Decals

Since 2004 NickerStickers has been offering high quality vinyl decals featuring our unique artwork. We have hundreds of designs of horses, dogs, cats, farm animals and small pets and we add more every day! You won't find anyone else offering our designs because each one was drawn by our in-house artist. All our designs are copyright originals. You can feel proud to sport a decal from NickerStickers because every single design is a work of art!

NickerStickers began with one Appaloosa decal I (Anine) created for our truck. One trip out to see my horse and my barn buddies were asking me to create stickers for them. Soon their friends and family were asking for designs and before we knew it, we had a full-blown business creating one-of-a-kind animal decals. In 2006, we purchased our own equipment and began hiring and training our own staff so that we could control the quality of our printing. In 2012 we built a brand new print shop.

Designed & Produced in Olympia, WA USA

All our decals are made with materials we purchase from a local supplier and produced by our skilled staff hired directly from our community. NickerStickers are All-American from start to finish!

Meet Our Staff

Anine - President & Artist

The design of most of the decals you see on this website were drawn by Anine. NickerStickers was born when Anine created an Appaloosa decal for her truck, which unleashed a flood of requests for more designs for friends and soon the world. When Anine is not working at NickerStickers, she spends her time riding her Appaloosa, reading and playing with the dogs.

Clayne - Vice President & General Manager

Our man with plan, Clayne pays attention to the smallest of details, making sure our operations are running smooth and the quality we put out is the very best. Always a great punster, Clayne is the one who comes up with many of the clever phrases featured on our animal decals. Clayne enjoys his spare time creating great cuisine, reading and gardening.

Crystal - Production Staff & Artist

Crystal is our ace in the hole staff person, able to do many tasks as needed. She is a very creative artist and is adding many new designs to the NickerStickers catalog. She came on as a temp, but we loved her so that we decided she had to stay on Team NickerStickers permenently.

Cory - Production Staff

We all think of Cory as the hardest working man in the sticker business. Cory is always looking for ways to improve our production both in efficiency and quality. If it were not for Cory, we would never be able to acheive the quick production of our custom decals our customers have come to expect. Our one-day turn-around is because Cory is on the job!

Luther & Joli - Security

Both rescues of the German Shepherd sort, Luther and Joli work in tandem to make sure all persons who deliver supplies or pick up our shipping are not imposters. They also offer reminders that too much time spent working is not good for anyone and a daily walk is an essential part of running a good business.