Custom Decals
Customize one of our designs or turn your logo into a decal

Custom Decals Using the Designs on Our Website
All of the designs you see on our website have the a corresponding product that allows for the option to add your own custom text. Just find the species or breed you want and look for the word "custom" in the title.

Each custom decal is designed by on of our in-house artists. We don't use automated systems to generate the custom design, so you won't see your custom design change automatically.

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Find the species and/or breed you want and then locate the product that has the word "Custom" in the title.

Step 2. Next, choose the options to customize the size, color, direction and text. You can leave the text blank if you wish to have just the animal with no text added. For more information about each option, click on the question mark next to it.

Step. 3 Your decal will be designed by our artists when they see the options you have chosen on your order. If you chose to pre-approve your design, a picture of the design will be emailed to you. Be sure to allow our email in your email server so that your pre-approval email does not go to spam!

Your custom decal pre-approval request photo will include a picture of the design exactly how it will look when applied, including the size and color.

Can I Ask for Changes to My Custom Decal?

Yes! You can request changes to your design, such as a different font, and our artists will change the design and send another pre-approval email. If you choose to request pre-approval, but do not reply to approve your design after 10 days have passed, we will ship your decal without pre-approval. Custom decals are not refundable, so be sure it is exactly as you wish and be sure our email is on your email server's approved email list.

Are there limits on the types of custom text that can be requested?
Yes. Our staff artists are free to reject a custom text request. Our policy is to not allow our designs to be used to promote any religion, any political speech, or any hate speech. We feel these are divisive topics and we want our animal designs to bring people together, not divide them.

Turning Your Logo into a Decal
Decals are a great way to advertise your cause or business. On the left you see examples of logo decals we have created for organizations. We offer a variety of inexpensive options to help get your name out there! Our decals are made with high quality vinyl printed with fade resistant inks, then laminated for years of durability.

Pricing shown below is for printing your design or logo. If you would like us to create a custom logo for you, please review our custom logo design pricing page. Once we have created a design for you, you can order decals at the prices below

Custom Logo Decals FAQ

How Long Does This Take?
Usually the set-up takes about three days (depending on how many changes needed) and the printing takes another four days. If we need more time, we will tell you in advance.

Set-up Fee
The set up fee is a one-time only fee to pay for our time to get your design set up in our system. The cost will depend on the difficulty of the design, starting at $45. You will get to review your design and make changes before we print. No set-up fee if we created your logo for you.

Peel-and-Place Stickers
This style of decal is most common - one or more ink colors printed on white vinyl. Pricing for a one to two color style, no bigger than 30 inches square (3x10", 5x5", etc) is as follows:

10 decals - $3.25 each
20 decals - $3.00 each
50 decals - $2.75 each
100 decals - $2.25 each
Prices include lamination.

Die-Cut Decals

This style of decal is the graphic cut out in vinyl with no background, like those you frequently see on car windows. These decals are printed and "weeded" one at a time, so they are much more labor intensive that the peel-and-place stickers. As a result, they cost more, but the extra price is worth the great look! Larger sizes are perfect as business advertisements on your truck, trailer or store window.

Pricing for die-cut decals vary depending on the design, size and color. The more intricate design, the more labor is involved, the higher the price per decal will be. Most designs will be priced the same as any of our other decals.

Die-Cut Discounts: 10% for ten decals, 20% for twenty decals, 40% for forty or more die-cut decals.

These prices do not include shipping.

We do not do custom services for text that contain religious or political content. Orders containing this content will be refunded and canceled.