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Are the decals made for the inside or outside?
  The adhesive decals are made with high quality vinyl rated for outdoor use of at least 5 years, but usually last much longer. Static cling decals can only be used indoors.

If you are worried about placing your decal on the outside of your window, our window die-cuts have the option of having them printed in reverse so you can put them on the inside of the window.

Our printed adhesive stickers are laminated so the colors will stay bright for years and can stick to anything. 

Our static clings are made to go on the inside of glass or be used indoors on other smooth metal or glass surfaces.
Can I put my decal on the inside of the window?
  Adhesive printed stickers are made to be used on the outside of the window only. Static clings are made to be placed inside the window facing out. Window die-cut decals have the option to be printed in reverse for the inside of the window. If your windows are tinted, decals placed inside the window my not show up very well.

What is a "Die-Cut" Decal?
  A die-cut decal is the image cut out of a piece of vinyl with no background. Die-cut decals look like they are painted on. Very cool! They are adhesive, so once you put them on they are stuck until you remove them and once removed cannot be used again.

These are some examples of a die-cut decals in action:

What kind of surfaces will the adhesive decals stick to?
  They are perfect for windows, vehicle bodies, trailers and floats, mailboxes, mirrors, boats, helmets, motorcycles, etc. They look nice in a picture frame, too!

Where can I find the size of a decal?
  There are three tabs under the "add to cart" button that tell you more about the decal. The size of the decals are listed in the "even more info" tab.  
Will the decals stick to fabric?
  Not very well. They will stick for a little while, but the adhesive needs a non-porous surface to make a permanent bond.
Will the defroster wires in my window damage the decal?
  The rear window defroster will not hurt the decal. The defroster does not get hot enough to melt the vinyl. If you have a rear windshield wiper and you use it a lot you may want to apply the decal in the top center or a corner out of reach of the wiper blade as the decal may start to peel in the small detailed areas and will also wear your wiper blade out if you use it a lot